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Licensed Sound Therapist & Life Coach

As a licensed sound therapist and life coach, Lesa shares her gifts in a unique way. She offers a wide variety of modalities to create a specialized treatment for each client. Lesa brings her experience as a Reiki Master, Medical QiGong Practitioner, Life Coach, and Licensed Sound Therapist to empower her clients, helping them to bring their life back into a state of balance and improved health. The combination of Lesa’s style of coaching, sound therapy and energy treatments creates a blissful and grounding experience for her clients. Lesa's intense journey of introspection over the past few years has taken her to places she never dreamed possible.  She has found her own "Sat Nam" or True Identity and is creating a joyful life for herself.  That joyful life is available to everyone, and part of Lesa's journey is to help you find yours.  

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Sound Treatments


As the bowls are played on the body sound waves are created that penetrate the body creating a sense of balance and relaxation. As the body returns to its natural frequency you may feel a reduction in stress and tension in the body. As the mind gains clarity and focus you may feel a sense of creativity and energy as the natural flow and rhythm is restored.

Gong Meditation


As the gong is played, blockages are removed from the body creating an increase in energy in the body for healing and transformation. This increased movement of energy awakens, balances and strengthens our entire energetic system. As the gong is played the body begins to open and resonate with its own natural flow and rhythm, drawing in more energy and vitality.     

Life Coaching


As a life coach I help you see yourself in a different way. Life coaching is all about you! It is an excellent way to gain momentum and balance when life gives you challenges. It's about taking you from where you are to where you want to be. We will build on what is good in your life and help you to discover what is holding you back. It is about helping you connect.   

What is sound therapy?

Sound Therapy


Sound Therapy uses the power of sound to restore the body, mind and spirit to a natural flow and rhythm. As blockages are removed from your body, increased movement of flow awakens, balances and strengthens our entire energetic system. As a result the body and mind begin to open and resonate with their natural flow and rhythm, drawing in more energy and vitality.

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