Lesa’s Mission

Lesa Peterson is a spiritual healer and a bridge to your soul. She is the North Star on a dark night. Look toward her, and you’ll always find your way. She lights the path and takes your hand to guide you to your wisdom within.

Lesa has been on her journey for the past twenty years, and that has led to a greater understanding of the world and what we all are really seeking. As a life coach, licensed sound practitioner, reiki master, and speaker, she draws on her knowledge of energy work and life experiences, which have culminated into a beautiful tapestry of seeing the unseen forces that control our lives.

Lesa’s Vision

As the need for healing and understanding has grown to unprecedented levels in our world today, Lesa feels the call to step out onto the stage and share her wisdom. She has been perfecting her coaching method over the past ten years and now she’s ready to shine that light to a new audience.

We need a guide to help us navigate the unseen forces, and Lesa is that guide. Because she has led a diverse life and has experienced people from all walks of life, she sees that no one escapes from those unseen forces. She brings skill and wisdom to helping people uncover those forces within their own lives, leading to a fulfilling life of abundance and love.

She has been doing this work on an intense journey of introspection and discovery for the past 20 years, and through her coaching, the distillation of those discoveries, she has seen it change people’s lives. She has seen the color come back into the lifeless when they understand what they have been fighting against. It seems so simple yet just out of reach for most. All these unseen forces are hidden in plain sight.