Have you ever stopped to think how much all your possessions are holding you back?

All your things have an energy attached to them. You spend daily energy caring for the things even if you don’t remember you have them or where they are… lol…

Why are you keeping things that you no longer need or don’t absolutely love?

Did someone give it to you and you are afraid that they might come over and notice that it’s gone?

Is it something that gives “evidence” to a past event like a trophy or a prom dress that gives you value?

Are you keeping it because you might need it in the future even though you haven’t used it for 5 years?

We all keep things for a lot of different reasons, all those things keep us from moving forward in our life.

New things cannot come into our lives until we make room for them. We must let go of things that we no longer need or are no longer useful to our lives.

It can be difficult to let those things go, but holding on to things that we haven’t used in years keeps that “lack” mentally around. The Universe loves us and is just waiting to give to us. A true friend will understand our growth and be happy for us even when we part with a gift from them.

You are a worthy and awesome person right now, you don’t need those things from the past to tell you you’re great!

If you are struggling to let go of things try this, take pictures of the things as you let go of them, then put your pictures of those things in an album to “keep” and “remember”.

You don’t need to clear out a whole room to feel the effects of letting go. Start with your “junk” drawer you will be surprised what can come into your life from that one small act.