Over the past few months, I’ve noticed my awareness of shadows. My shadow as I walked in the mornings, the shadows of the leaves on the trees as they danced in the wind. 

Recently I’ve found myself taking a lot of photographs which isn’t my norm. I’ve felt this creative vibe and I have been out in nature more. 

On a recent trip, I started taking pictures of rocks and plants in a stream trying to get just that right shot as if I was a photographer for a nature magazine. I was so surprised at myself. 

On my walk back to where I was staying I found myself taking pictures of my shadow standing in front of a yucca and it made me stop and think about the shadow side of myself.

I saw a different side of my shadow self that morning. I thought about how much I hide those things that live in the shadows that I don’t like about myself nor do I want others to see. 

Standing there looking at my shadow falling on the yucca, I was in great introspection. By cutting off the dark I can only shine so bright. I realized that I need to love those dark places in myself to free myself from them. 

They are part of me that I used to respond to struggles in my life. I can’t just throw them out or act like they don’t exist. I need to love them and thank them for protecting me and guiding me all these years. 

I have outgrown those responses as I have new and better tools to deal with life, but I was still using all those old ways to respond to situations simply because I didn’t know any better.

In total darkness is when our light shines the brightest. It’s all about balancing the dark and the light within ourselves. We must understand and love all that we are.

Peace & love